Common Questions Answered


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What does My Chef provide for dinners & events?

Essentially My Chef brings the restaurant to you. We take care of everything giving you peace of mind and most importantly time to enjoy your company. We will create a custom menu, procure the ingredients, cook, serve and clean. The tools need to cook the meal, we have plates, silverware, napkins, glasses and of course printed custom menus for your guests. My Chef has an incredible team handling the kitchen as well as service staff. All the little details are what we take great pride in and brings us much joy in our profession. My Chef believes in delivering only the best quality of food, service and life.

Where are the prepared delivered meals made?

When we are not in a clients home cooking we have a catering kitchen that is regularly inspected by the health department.

Are there any requirements for your in home services?

Nothing you don’t already have. An oven, stove top and a sink will be used during your service. We will bring all other equipment needed for your particular experience. For example Date Night and Tasting Parties, we will provide all the plates needed. We will not need to use any of your own products including pots or utensils to complete a meal. Cleaning is also taken care of by us.

Are your prices all inclusive?

Yes, there are no other added charges. We do not charge extra fees for common things such as, custom menus,  chef’s time, materials, taxes and travel time.

How do I purchase services?

You can purchase gift certificates directly on our website. For dinners and other services My Chef takes the time to talk with each client to make sure all your questions are answered and we understand your needs to give you the proper experience. Once your culinary solution is found My Chef will email an invoice.

What are My Chef’s credentials?

We are licensed by the state of Florida, members of the United States Chamber Of Commerce, certified member of the United States Personal Chef Association, insured and bonded. You can view our customers testimonials and reviews and meet our team.

How will my weekly meals be delivered?

My Chef will schedule a delivery date that’s convenient for you. On that day, your food will be created then delivered to your door, ensuring quality and freshness.

I’ve opted to receive weekly meals, how long will my food stay fresh?

Each meal is packaged using the My Chef Packaging System, detailing the creation and fresh-by dates.

I have food allergies, are there safe menu options available for me?

Yes, our current menu displays allergens for each dish, taking the guess-work out of choosing your perfect meal. All of our food is made from scratch, giving us the ability to customize your meal to suit your specific needs.

How flexible are your menu options?

The online menu is an example, a collection  of our most popular dishes. If there is something else you would prefer, we would be happy to accommodate your request.